Hotel Bel-Air Elopement | Layla + Fraser

Hotel Bel-Air Elopement // Tucked away in the canyons of Beverly Hills is a hidden garden oasis known as the historic Hotel Bel-Air. Layla & Fraser (and cute baby Fox) traveled from way across the seas (Scotland) for a bit of sunshine and to elope at the quaint hotel. The two exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on their private terraced patio overlooking Beverly Hills. Sweet, simple, and perfect. Afterwards, we toasted the newlyweds and walked them down through the amazing grounds of the hotel. Every turn would lead us into another gorgeous garden or hidden nook. We finally made our way through the labyrinth, and said our farewells as we sent them off for their first dinner as husband & wife.

Layla & Fraser, you guys are every reason why we love elopements. Cheers!

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Hotel Bel-Air ElopementHotel Bel-Air Elopementhotel-bel-air-elopement_0003hotel-bel-air-elopement_0004Hotel Bel-Air Elopementhotel-bel-air-elopement_0006hotel-bel-air-elopement_0007hotel-bel-air-elopement_0008hotel-bel-air-elopement_0009hotel-bel-air-elopement_0010Hotel Bel-Air Elopementhotel-bel-air-elopement_0012hotel-bel-air-elopement_0013hotel-bel-air-elopement_0014Hotel Bel-Air Elopementhotel-bel-air-elopement_0016hotel-bel-air-elopement_0017hotel-bel-air-elopement_0018hotel-bel-air-elopement_0019hotel-bel-air-elopement_0020hotel-bel-air-elopement_0021hotel-bel-air-elopement_0022hotel-bel-air-elopement_0023Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0024hotel-bel-air-elopement_0025Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0027hotel-bel-air-elopement_0028hotel-bel-air-elopement_0028ahotel-bel-air-elopement_0029hotel-bel-air-elopement_0030hotel-bel-air-elopement_0031Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly HillsHotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0034hotel-bel-air-elopement_0035hotel-bel-air-elopement_0036hotel-bel-air-elopement_0037hotel-bel-air-elopement_0038hotel-bel-air-elopement_0040Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly HillsHotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0042Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0046hotel-bel-air-elopement_0047hotel-bel-air-elopement_0055Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly HillsHotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0051Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly HillsHotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0057Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0059hotel-bel-air-elopement_0060Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0061hotel-bel-air-elopement_0062hotel-bel-air-elopement_0063Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly HillsHotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0066Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0070Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0074Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hillshotel-bel-air-elopement_0077

Hotel Bel-Air Elopement in Beverly Hills // Credits

Location: Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
Photography: Gina & Ryan Photography, Los Angeles Wedding Photographers

Gina & Ryan Photography are a husband & wife Los Angeles wedding photography and photojournalist team. They specialize in documenting the lives of lovers at the beginning of their greatest adventure. Together with their couples, Gina & Ryan are driven to create something beautiful, powerful, honest and authentic, such as with these Hotel Bel-Air Elopement photos in Beverly Hills.

  • Rowena - Could you please let me know the officiants name – would love to book her for our eloepment in 2 weeks :) BEAUTIFUL photos ReplyCancel

  • Laurie L McNulty McNulty - Beauty full! Flowers are amazing! Little best man adorable! Fox tie clip.. such a great touch!!ReplyCancel

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  • Christy - These are stunning! Beautiful job – congratulations to the lucky couple!ReplyCancel