we are gina & ryan

we're photographers and lovers on a lifelong adventure together.




we are gina & ryan


We met when we were just 17. We did prom together, college together, picked up cameras and started a business together. The best thing though - hands down - was marrying each other. We find ourselves outdoors often, loving on our littles, wrestling with our dogs, and soaking up that warm California sun and always chasing her sunsets.


We value deep connections, nature, cinema, the sense of home, and are inspired by moments in life where we stop and say, "I need to remember this forever." Maybe it's a moment where we feel the most alive, effortlessly loved, or the most at home in our own bodies. The longing for these feelings grows greater the further in time we get from them, and knowing so, the more we strive to recognize and document these nostalgic moments as we witness them - for ourselves and for others.


Home is on the west coast, Los Angeles - we were born and raised here. But for us, home is more than a place. Home is a feeling that we find only in each other. It's the feeling of comfort, vulnerability, inspiration, and nostalgia, and there's just no place like it. We think it's pretty special and we love to photograph it.

The Studio

We're a husband and wife Los Angeles wedding photography studio, photographing love of all types since 2010, and we absolutely love documenting the human connection. Our creative eye is influenced by our background in landscape architecture: we have a heavy focus on composition and utilize design principles to emphasize emotion (framing, layers, motion, diverse angles...). As light-driven photographers, we allow light to direct our photographic decisions while taking documentary approach to your wedding day.


Our photographic style and aesthetic lends itself to the feeling of home. It's moody yet romantic, candid yet intentional, raw and emotional, and inspires a sense of nostalgia. We're less about frills and perfection, or how two people in love should look or act. We're all for how your love actually feels; the real stuff, the in-betweens, and whatever it is that makes you two, you. We hope you feel safe, loved, and at home when you're with us.


But it's more than that; we're more than just your wedding photographers. We'll be with you 90% of your wedding day, and like a trusty old friend who blends in with the family, we bring the calm in times of chaos. We'll laugh with you and cry with you, all while capturing every single ounce of emotion on the best day of your lives. We're right there with you at the beginning of your greatest adventure, and hopefully at every milestone thereafter.


We believe photography is one of the most important decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. When the day is over and the leftover cake is eaten, your photographs will be the one lasting visual memory of your wedding day. We're honored in being considered as your wedding photographer, your storyteller and visual memory maker.




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