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Fresh out of college and jobless in the thick of the recession, who would have known that this tiny seed of passion would lead us to now? Wait, we did, 'cause when heart meets hustle, failure just isn't an option.


Unlike unraveling a stationery object like a camera, business and photography are processes that grow and evolve, not objects boxed up with a set of directions. How can we master something that grows and evolves if we're still in the process ourselves? I’m not sure anyone can ever have this whole thing figured out — but what we are sure of is that we’re not waiting around for that "wahlah moment" to begin helping others grow their passion into a self-sustaining business.


After 7 years in business, over 250 weddings under our belts, and "making it" in google's eyes, we've finally wrapped our heads around our own learning experience and are so ready to help others find their way by means of 2-on-1 style mentor sessions. We're excited to share everything we know about building a successful wedding photography business from the ground up with focus on both the business and creative side of things -- as both are equally important.




a two-on-one 90-120 minute Q+A style wedding photography mentor session // available virtually or locally at our home office in Los Angeles




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all things business + photography // editing, workflows, pricing, seo, client communication, branding, shooting + directing + utilizing all types of light, gear, timeline management, portfolio review, work-life balance, and most importantly, how to run an efficient and self-sustaining business.


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if you're trying to get your business off the ground, need a nudge in the right direction, or just want to know how we do things around here, let's set up a mentor session and get the ball rolling - we want to see you succeed (you've got this!).








Mentorships with Gina & Ryan | Mentor Sessions

We’re honored that you’ve come our way for a wedding photography mentor session. Fill out the form below to get this party started. :)




I’m local to Los Angeles, where is your home office?

Local wedding photography mentor sessions take place in our home office in Burbank, CA.

Walk me through a typical Mentorship.

Before we meet for your mentor session, we’ll ask you for your three most important learning topics so that we can make sure to prepare and gather material to fully cover those for you. Of course, we urge you to also come with a loaded bag of questions, as we’re happy to go over as many as we have time for. Remember, we’re an open book – nothing is off the table. Typical mentor sessions last around 2 hours – we tend to have a lot to say. And yes, there will be plenty of caffeine and plenty of dogs. :)

How do I book a mentor session?

You can book your wedding photography mentorship (and make payments) online. Fill out the contact form above and we can pencil in a date. A $200 deposit reserves a date and time together, and the balance is due day-of.

I run a wedding photography business with partners, can he/she/they join us for the mentorship?

Mentorships are limited to an individual wedding photography brand (one portfolio). If you share a portfolio with a partner, he/she can feel free to join us, just let us know ahead of time. If you share a brand with multiple shooters or with multiple portfolios, please inquire.

What should I bring to the mentorship?

You’ll probably want to bring a notebook to take notes along with your laptop with your brand materials handy. You’ll also want to bring a list of topics that you look forward to exploring.

How did you get into wedding photography, and now mentoring photographers?

Ryan & I met when we were 17 – we’ve been together half our lives! We did prom together, college together, and married each other. We picked up degrees in Landscape Architecture and Regenerative Studies, and shortly after we decided to step back to reassess our direction. The life we’d set out to live seemed less and less appealing, and we still hadn’t landed jobs in the field of study (we graduated in the thick of the recession). With the entry level dslr’s that we had to pick up during college, we began shooting couples in our spare time to feed our creative souls. We fell into wedding photography and soon made the decision to give it our all. I mean, our co-workers are two people on their best day, and we were willing to sacrifice everything for it.

We took a giant leap of faith and moved into my parent’s 350 sq. ft back house. We sold Ryan’s car to invest in photography gear and began the grind of going head first into business together — our best decision yet. After just a year, we were able to quit our serving/bartending jobs and go full-time.

As completely self-taught photographers, we know how hard it can be to break into the wedding photography industry; it takes a lot of grind, grit, and hustle. Through trials and errors, researching and googling how-to’s through the midnight hours, learning wordpress, adobe programs, and web design, how to market, seo, and the art of making portraits… we thankfully had each other to lean on for support and to help push each other through ruts. Here we are now hoping we can do the same for you.